Taiwan Sticking to Ban on U.S. Pork Produced with Ractopamine

Date: October 21, 2015

Taiwan is maintaining its position on banning the importation of U.S. pork

Photo: WNAX

Photo: WNAX

products produced with ractopamine, a commonly used growth promotant. Nick Giordano, National Pork Producer Council Vice President for Global Government Affairs, says the use of ractopamine or any other production practices should be up to the individual producer.

Taiwan officials say won’t lift their ractopamine pork ban but at the same time they want to join the Trans Pacific Partnership. Giordano says the ractopomine issue needs to be resolved now and not as part of that trade discussion.

Giordano says all the scientific evidence proves ractopamine is a perfectly safe product and should not be a barrier to trade.

Three years ago Taiwan lifted its ractopamine ban in beef but still maintains it for pork.
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