Taiwan supports Haitian agricultural development

Taiwan News
Date: 2015-09-12
By: Wang Cheng-chung and Lilian Wu, Central News Agency

Taipei, Sept. 12 (CNA) Taiwan has committed US$4.6 million in funding for agricultural cooperation projects in Haiti this year, the embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Haiti said.

The ROC’s ambassador to Haiti, Hwang Tsai-chiu, pledged the funds to Haitian Minister of Agriculture Fresner Dorcin at a ceremony Friday, a statement issued by the embassy said.

Dorcin expressed appreciation for Taiwan’s long-term support and contributions to the country’s agricultural development, noting that agricultural cooperation projects over the past 43 years have been fruitful.

The embassy said Taiwan’s agricultural technical mission in Haiti will manage the US$4.6 million fund and the agricultural projects for which it will be used. The embassy said funding for agricultural cooperation projects in Haiti has risen to its current level from US$100,000 in 1972, contributing greatly to Haitian agricultural output and development and improving the life of local farmers.     [FULL  STORY]

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