Taiwan takes new measures to prevent Chinese ‘spies’ from relocating

War Is Boring
Date: August 17, 2020 
By: Staff Writer

Taiwan’s government on Monday said that it has amended regulations to prevent mainland Chinese citizens who are current residents of Hong Kong and Macau from moving to the self-ruled island to spy or engage in other illegal acts.

The Mainland Affairs Council, Taiwan’s top government agency on policy dealings with Beijing, said in a statement that the Interior Ministry amended some regulations to prevent Chinese citizens who are residents of Hong Kong and Macau from moving to Taiwan to engage in “infiltration, united front propaganda, disturbance, even spying activities.”

In the future, in accordance with newly amended regulations, the Taiwan government will convene cross-agency reviews on the relocation applications filed by residents of Hong Kong or Macau originally from mainland China or who are current or former government or military officials, the council said in the statement.

The new measures aim to enhance security and protect national security, it said.

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