Taiwan team makes breakthrough in carbon conversion technology

Taiwan Today
Date: February 10, 2017

A Taiwan research team recently demonstrated an innovative approach for converting carbon dioxide

NTUST professor Kuo Dong-hau (right) and the members of his research team have developed an innovative approach for converting carbon dioxide into methanol at room temperature. (Courtesy of NTUST)

into methanol that has potential applications in a wide range of fields spanning energy and transportation, according to Taipei-based National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Feb. 9.

Developed by three researchers at the university’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering, the technique was outlined in a study released Jan. 24 in Scientific Reports, an online open access journal from the publishers of Nature.

Professor Kuo Dong-hau, who led the research team, said the approach can help advance efforts to tackle climate change by reducing carbon emissions and promoting the development of the low-carbon economy.

According to Kuo, most existing conversion methods operate at temperatures of greater than 150 degrees Celsius and require external electrical energy and high illumination intensity. In cases where lower temperatures were achieved, they either involved additional reagents or could only take place at high pressures.    [FULL  STORY]

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