Taiwan tells China to stop political manipulation

Focus Taiwan
Date: 10/12/2020
By: Flor Wang, Chang Shu-lin
and Lai Yen-yi

Mainland Affairs Council head Chen Ming-tong

Taipei, Oct. 12 (CNA) Taiwan urged China on Monday to stop engaging in political manipulation to avoid hurting cross-Taiwan Strait relations at a time when bilateral ties have dipped to a new low.

Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) head Chen Ming-tong (陳明通) issued the call following a broadcast by Beijing-based CCTV on Sunday night, during which Taiwanese citizen Lee Meng-chu (李孟居) "apologized" for actions that he said seriously damaged China's national security.

According to the news program, Chinese intelligence authorities "broke hundreds of information leakage cases, arrested multiple Taiwanese spies and smashed spy networks established by Taiwanese intelligence agents" in a recent crackdown.

CCTV claimed the crackdown was a successful blow against Taiwan's intelligence efforts.

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