Taiwan to prosecute seven solar firms for ‘threatening’ officials

Date: 12 October 2015
By: John Parnell

Taiwan is to press charges against seven solar firms that allegedly “lobbied,

Seven Taiwanese firms have been referred to the prosecutor's office after allegedly threatening officials.

Seven Taiwanese firms have been referred to the prosecutor’s office after allegedly threatening officials.

threatened and pressured” officials from the ministry of economic affairs.

Deputy director-general at the bureau of foreign trade David Hsu, told local reporters that the companies had been found to be mislabelling products made in mainland China as made in Taiwan, prior to export to the EU.

“Not only do the accused have no regrets about what they have done, they have also allegedly lobbied, threatened and pressured ministry officials,” said Hsu.

The European Commission opened an investigation into solar products imported from Malaysia and Taiwan after SolarWorld, the German company behind the European complaint over alleged dumping by Chinese firms, provided sufficient evidence of changing trade patterns and that existing measures – namely the price undertaking – were being “undermined”. SolarWorld alleges that Chinese manufacturers are circumventing trade duties and the restrictive price undertaking agreement in place with Europe, by exporting via Malaysia and Taiwan.     [FULL  STORY]

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