Taiwan to restart No. 2 nuclear power plant reactor

Restarting the reactor will help compensate for reduced energy production from coal-fired power plants 

Taiwan News 
Date: 2018/03/05
By: Sophia Yang, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s Atomic Energy Council (AEC) has approved a plan to restart the country’s No. 2 nuclear power plant reactor after completing its review, saying measures will be implemented to ensure operational safety. The measure is expected to face strong opposition.

In response to growing alarm over Taiwan’s air pollution and requests from local governments to cut carbon emissions at coal-fired power plants in Taichung and Kaohsiung, the state-run Taiwan Power Co. (Taipower) requested that the country’s No. 2 nuclear power plant reaction be restarted in order to maintain a consistent and adequate power supply.

The company filed an application with the AEC to restart the reactor in early February as it foresees a tight energy supply in mid-summer from June to August.    [FULL  STORY]

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