Taiwan to strip citizenship of Beijing devotees

Taiwanese joining the Communist Party and its affiliate groups also risk being charged with treason

Asia Times
Date: March 14, 2019

Chinese and Taiwanese flags in Taipei. Photo: Reuters

Taiwan’s Ministry of the Interior is reportedly seeking to strip the citizenship of a Taiwanese woman who is now a member of China’s top political consultative body, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, after she made a controversial televised speech calling for reunification during the CPPCC’s annual session.

Speaking as a “representative of Taiwan”, CPPCC member Ling Yu-shih, who was born in Taiwan and later emigrated to Hong Kong and worked for the Hong Kong government, said Taiwan’s reunification with China would be irreversible and that Beijing should grant citizenship to all Taiwanese, in an emotionally-stoked speech delivered inside a packed auditorium in the Great Hall of the People on Monday.

“Standing with all of the other CPPCC members in bearing the mission of rejuvenating China, our motherland, I can say that I have managed to escape the narrow ideological confines of Taiwan to embrace the motherland,” she said, stressing that the Chinese Communist Party is the sole legitimate government of all of China.    [FULL  STORY]

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