Taiwan troubled by who has priority to use limited cadaver skin

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2015/07/05
By: Chen Ching-fang and Elizabeth Hsu

Taipei, July 5 (CNA) With more than 200 dust explosion victims suffering burns to at

93 kg of cadaver skin imported to Taiwan Saturday

93 kg of cadaver skin imported to Taiwan Saturday

least 40 percent of the body, Taiwan’s medical sector has been unable to decide how to fairly distribute the limited cadaver skin the country has available among the patients.

After hours of discussions in a meeting hosted by Deputy Health Minister Lin Tzou-yien (林奏延) Sunday, 10 experts in plastic surgery and burn wounds could still not reach a consensus on how to resolve the distribution problem of which patients should have the priority to use the available cadaver skin – those with a high survival rate or those with a high probability of dying?

The talks also focused on how to use cadaver skin efficiently, according to the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) officials, who were present in the meeting.     [FULL  STORY]

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