Taiwan turns to Japan for help in ‘defending shared values’

Washington Examiner
Date: March 02, 2019
By: Joel Gehrke

China has Taiwan in its crosshairs, the island’s president warned Saturday while appealing to Japan for diplomatic support.

“I’m determined to work with like-minded partners such as #Japan in defending shared values,” Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen tweeted Saturday morning. “We’re facing an onslaught of #Disinformation & #FakeNews aimed at undermining democracy. Today, Taiwan is in the crosshairs. Tomorrow, it will be another country.”

Tsai sent that message to elaborate on her recent interview with a Japanese media outlet, a conversation that provided a forum for her public appeal to Japan to help Taiwan join the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade bloc. That would be a controversial request for Japan to support, given China’s claim to sovereignty over Taiwan and hostility to any countries that establish formal diplomatic relations with the island government in Taipei.    [FULL  STORY]

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