Taiwan ‘unlikely to be listed’

The China Post
Date: April 1, 2017
By: Christine Chou, The China Post with CNA

As U.S. President Donald Trump launches a campaign to pinpoint abuses that are causing massive trade deficits for his country, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) said it does not see Taiwan as a likely target for any sanctions from the U.S.

More than 80 percent of exports to the U.S. are intermediate goods such as factory machinery, components, computers and car accessories or screw drivers, so most of the exchanges between the U.S. and Taiwan are cooperative, stated the ministry.

“It is only competitive when our final products go against their locally produced goods,” added David Hsu (徐大衛), the Deputy Director-General of the Bureau of Foreign Trade.

Hsu said the U.S. had already hinted at an examination of trade imbalances with other countries two or three months ago, and though Taiwan has been named, the ministry will wait until the U.S. completes their evaluation before it responds to their concerns.

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