Taiwan using high-tech methods to monitor, control oil slick

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2016/03/26
By: Tang Pei-chun and Lilian Wu

Taipei, March 26 (CNA) The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) said Saturday 201603260023t0001that it was using a high-tech approach to help monitor an oil slick from a container ship that ran aground off Taiwan’s northern coast more than two weeks ago.

EPA Minister Wei Kuo-yen (魏國彥) said it is monitoring the ship’s situation around the clock in a bid to contain the looming ecological disaster, using radar, satellite and unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor the ship and provide contingent support.

Perhaps of greater help to the effort on Saturday was the stark improvement in the weather off Taiwan’s northern coast.

Bad weather and rough seas have meant that workers have only been able to work on the ship, including pumping out fuel and heavy oil, for six days since it first got stuck in a reef on March 10.     [FULL  STORY]

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