Taiwanese Communist shrine creator beats hasty retreat to Hong Kong, sister stuck with NT$5 million bill

Taiwanese Communist shrine creator Wei Ming-jen beats ‘tactical retreat’ to Hong Kong to avoid bill for demolition and assault charges

Taiwan News
Date: 2018/10/01
By: Keoni Everington, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A day after crews began tearing down his Communist Chinese

Wei Ming-jen. (By Central News Agency)

shrine in western Taiwan, its creator beat a “tactical retreat” to Hong Kong, leaving his sister to foot the NT$5 million (US$163,000) bill to pay for the demolition.

On Sept. 27, a day after demolition work began on his illegally constructed Communist Chinese shrine, Wei Ming-jen (魏明仁) reportedly fled to Hong Kong, where he was interviewed by Chinese media outlet CRNTT. In the interview, he described his move as a “tactical retreat” much like Mao Zedong’s Long March in the 1930s.

In response, the Changhua Prosecutor’s Office told CNA that Wei is being fined NT$100,000 for obstruction of official duties in trying to block workers from cutting off

Civil servant Wei punched on Sept. 21. (CNA image)

power and electricity to the illegal building. Also, he is facing charges for assault after punching a civil servant in the face on the same day work crews came to cut off power.

The Prosecutor’s Office said that if he fails to appear in court for these two cases, a warrant will be issued for his arrest and he will be restricted from leaving the country (if he returns to Taiwan). Changhua County Magistrate Wei Ming-ku (魏明谷) told the media that he had no comment on Wei’s escape, and the NT$5 million fine for the cost of the demolition of the Communist complex would instead be levied on his sister, Wei Su-tan (魏素丹), as it was registered in her name.    [FULL  STORY]

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