Taiwanese military releases video of troops ‘fending off attack from Chinese mainland’

  • Any attempt at invasion ‘would have only the effect of triggering the wrath and antipathy of Taiwan’s people’, defence ministry says in statement accompanying footage of training exercise
  • Video comes after an increase in political sabre-rattling and military exercises in waters close to the self-ruled island

South China Morning Post
Date: 22 Aug, 2020
By: Lawrence Chung

Taiwanese television broadcast a video on Friday of a military exercise simulating the island coming under attack.

The film, produced by the defence ministry, showed troops firing anti-aircraft, anti-tank and anti-ship missiles in defence of the island against a mock invasion from across the Taiwan Strait, the waterway that separates it from mainland China.

The footage showed troops firing anti-aircraft, anti-tank and anti-ship missiles. Photo: Handout

In a statement accompanying the film – which was released on Facebook and released to the media on Thursday – the ministry said Beijing should not underestimate the island’s determination to defend itself.

“The most egotistical country can thoughtlessly provoke a war and the most ignorant government can be caught in the flames of war,” it said, adding that repeated provocation and intimidation by the People’s Liberation Army – mainland China’s military – would not work.

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