Taiwan’s Aging Index could climb to 100 within two years

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2016/06/22
By: Claudia Liu and Elizabeth Hsu

Taipei, June 22 (CNA) Taiwan is suffering from an increasingly aging population, with the 41307463Aging Index reaching 92.18 in 2015 and expected to surge to 100 next year at the earliest, according to Ministry of the Interior (MOI) data released Wednesday.

The 92.18 figure represents growth of 6.48 compared with 2014, the MOI said, noting that it was lower than Japan’s 200, Germany’s 161.54 and South Korea’s 92.86, but higher than 78.95 in the United States and Australia, and 58.82 in China.

The aging index refers to the ratio of the number of elderly persons of an age when they are generally economically inactive (aged 65 and over) to the number of young persons (from 0 to 14) in every 100 people.

MOI Vice Minister Hua Ching-chun (花敬群) said Taiwan’s aging index could possibly surpass the 100 mark within the next two years, given that the index has been growing 6 percent to 7 percent each year.     [FULL  STORY]

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