Taiwan’s attitude, not Beijing’s withholding, key to AIIB: commentary

Want China Times
Date: 2015-04-16
By: Staff Reporter

China’s rejection of Taiwan as one of the founding members of the Asian Infrastructure

Demonstrators in Taichung protest Taiwan's application for AIIB membership, April 6. (Photo/Huang Chin-kung)

Demonstrators in Taichung protest Taiwan’s application for AIIB membership, April 6. (Photo/Huang Chin-kung)

Investment Bank (AIIB) is not a big deal, but whether Taiwan can eventually join the regional development bank will likely depend on its internal politics, says a commentary from the Hong Kong Commercial Daily.

Taiwan was among more than 40 other countries and regions to apply to be a founding member of the Beijing-led AIIB, but this week China rejected the application amid ongoing discussions about Taiwan’s membership under an “appropriate name.” For Beijing, that means “Taipei, China, or “Chinese Taipei,” the name Taiwan uses at APEC and the Olympics, rather than the “Republic of China” or “Taiwan.”     [FULL  STORY]

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