Taiwan’s choice for change

Taiwan News

Date: 2016-01-14
By: Taiwan News, Staff Writer

Politicians running for election always want you to believe that the next 6728643election is historic, a unique opportunity for change, a time to make your voice heard and change the fate of your country.

In 1996, after numerous other types of elections, Taiwanese voters received the first-ever opportunity to choose their own head-of-state. The result was a vote of confidence in incumbent President Lee Teng-hui, who received more votes than his three various opponents put together, partly thanks to intimidation from China in the shape of missile tests.

On the second occasion however, voters opted for change, for the first time voting a representative of the Democratic Progressive Party into office. Chen Shui-bian narrowly defeated independent James Soong, while the candidate of the government, Vice President Lien Chan, finished a distant third. A clearer message for change was not possible.     [FULL  STORY]

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