Taiwan’s coronavirus response wins rare praise from World Health Organisation

  • China has blocked the island from joining international organisations but on Friday officials from the UN agency gave credit to Taipei’s success in containing Covid-19
  • Senior WHO official Michael Ryan told a press briefing that Taiwanese specialists were being brought into technical networks

South China Morning Post
Date: 18 Apr, 2020
By: Kinling Lo

The World Health Organisation has praised Taiwan’s efforts to contain Covid-19 as it faced growing pressure to incorporate the island into the global fight against the pandemic.

Michael Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s health emergencies programme, told a regular briefing in Geneva on Friday that the authorities in Taiwan “deserve praise, they have mounted a very good public health response in Taiwan, and you can see that in the numbers. We have praised that, we have seen similar approaches taken in Hong Kong SAR and across China”.

He had been asked to comment about the island’s exclusion from the global body and said: “We are observing and watching and bringing Taiwanese colleagues into the technical networks so they can share their experience and they can both contribute their knowledge but also seek new knowledge from outside.”

It is rare for WHO officials to acknowledge the island’s success in containing the disease despite the growing controversy about its exclusion from the body.    [FULL  STORY]

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