Taiwan’s CSBS Unveils New Frigate Design For ROC Navy

Taiwan’s largest shipbuilding company, CSBC Corporation held its investor’s conference on December 4, 2020. The image of a new Frigate (FFG) design was featured during the conference. CSBC revealed its plan to become the contractor of the Republic of China (ROC) Navy, Coast Guard and other government organizations.

Naval News
Date: 12 Dec 2020
By: Tso-Juei Hsu  

Taiwan’s CSBS Unveils New Frigate Design for ROC Navy

Currently, the ROC Navy has a surface fleet composed of 4 Kee-Lung-class (formerly American Kidd-class ) destroyer, 10 Cheng Kung-class frigates (8 licensed ships based on US Oliver Hazard Perry-class, 2 purchased from US., 6 Kang-Ding-class (French-built La Fayette-class) frigates, 6 Chi-Yang class (formerly American Knox class) frigates, 12 Ching Chiang class patrol ships, 1 Tuo-Chiang class corvette, 31 fast attack missile crafts, 9 amphibious ships and 9 minesweepers. Most of the ships came into service between 1990’s and early 2000’s.

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