Taiwan’s Domestic Violence Epidemic: Abuse Reported Every 5 Minutes

Suffering in silence: statistics from the Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation expose alarming rates of domestic violence in Taiwan, mostly against women.

The News Lens
Date: 2017/06/19
By: Edward White

Women in Taiwan suffer alarmingly high rates of domestic violence. Overworked frontline women’s


rescue workers say the traditional patriarchal family system is still a key factor in the prevalence of abuse against women.

In 2016, 117,550 domestic violence cases were reported to officials in Taiwan. That is 322 each day, or one every five minutes.

“We see many cases where the husband, who is under pressure at work, will go home and just beat his wife,” says Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation’s Tseng Ching-yi (曾瀞儀). “This can’t be an excuse. You can’t beat your wife because you are stressed.”

The statistics – provided by the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Department of Protective Services – show that the annual number of reported cases of domestic violence in Taiwan has been higher than 100,000 for the past five years.    [FULL  STORY]

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