Taiwan’s economy suffers downturn in June: NDC

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2015/07/27
By: Chen Cheng-wei and Romulo Huang

Taipei, July 27 (CNA) Taiwan’s composite economic monitoring indicator compiled by the 201507270023t0001National Development Council (NDC) flashed a blue light in June, indicating that the economy was showing signs of a recession.

The overall score decreased by two points in June from a month earlier, slipping into the blue light range of 9-16 points, the NDC said in a statement released Monday.

The NDC employs a five-color rating system to monitor Taiwan’s economic performance.

In addition to the blue light (9-16 points), a yellow-blue light (17-22) represents an economic slump, a green light (23-31) points to stable growth, a yellow-red (32-37) shows the economy is heating up, and a red light (38-45) means the economy is overheated.     [FULL  STORY]

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