Taiwan’s Feeling of Isolation

Taiwan’s Feeling of Isolation

ANI News
Date:Aug 18, 2015

Recent footage from state broadcaster CCTV gained instant notoriety when it showed taiwanPeople’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers training at a base in Inner Mongolia. Why? Because images depicted a building in the scenario that looked remarkably similar to the Presidential Office Building in Taipei.

The “renegade province” of Taiwan remains China’s archenemy, but imagery of Chinese soldiers assaulting the structure in a July broadcast should rightly do more than just raise eyebrows.

Satellite imagery reveals that the PLA built the replica Taipei building at the southern end of the Zhurihe training base in 2014-15. Not only is the presidential building located there, but an accurate grid of streets is also represented. While the building is not an exact copy – that might be pushing political expediency just too far – it is remarkably similar.     [FULL  STORY]

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