Taiwan’s heavy metal star rallies fans to run for parliament on anti-China platform

Freddy Lim, singer with black metal group Chthonic, is standing for a fast-growing pro-democracy party

The Guardian
Date: 26 December 2015 Share on Google+
By: Tracy McVeigh


Freddy Lim rocks the crowds in Liberty Square, Taipei. Photograph: Handerson Yao for the Observer

For many in the city of Taipei and across Taiwan, it was the most hotly awaited event of the year. Tens of thousands of music fans gathered in Liberty Square on Saturday night for an extraordinary free concert which marked the 20th anniversary of Chthonic, the country’s most famous heavy metal band.

Wearing combat boots, lead singer Freddy Lim held the stage with the brand of music that has seen the Taiwanese “black metal” band dubbed the Black Sabbath of Asia.

But this was not just any gig: it was also a political rally ahead of a crucial year for Taiwan. Described as a “concert to calm the soul and defend the nation”, the event was intended to energise Taiwanese youth and gain political support for Lim’s new role – as a parliamentary candidate for the New Power party (NPP).     [FULL  STORY]

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