Taiwan’s honey toast shop popular in Singapore

Taiwan News
Date: 2016-02-10
By: Central News Agency

Singapore, Feb. 10 (CNA) The Singapore outlet of Taiwan-based honey toast restaurant Dazzling Cafe is gaining popularity in the city state, attracting many dessert lovers to queue in front of the store to taste its unusual toasts.
Honey toast is a thick box-shaped toast decorated with fruits, ice cream, whipped cream and syrups.

It originated from Shibuya, Tokyo, where the desert is called Sibuya honey toasts. Taiwan’s Dazziling Cafe has expanded on the variety of such toasts available. Its Singapore store provides a wide range of flavors to satisfy the various taste buds of consumers there.

The Dazzling Cafe outlet in Singapore has become one of the important venues for young Singaporeans to gather and chat while tasting the sweet offerings by the store. It made its debut in the Southeast Asian country in June 2015, with Singaporean idol Julie Tan and Taiwanese idol Aaron Yan endorsing its products at the opening ceremony.     [FULL  STORY]

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