Taiwan’s largest religious procession draws to a close

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2017-04-03

Taiwan’s largest annual religious procession drew to a close on Monday morning. The nine-day, eight-night procession was for the goddess Mazu, and specifically for the deity enshrined at a temple in the Dajia District of Taichung, central Taiwan.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of faithful walk with the deity on a journey that stretches some 350 km.

Premier Lin Chuan spoke at a ceremony to mark the end of the procession and the statue’s return to its home temple in Taichung. He said that he was moved to see so many people not only showing their devotion and gratitude to Mazu, but also their enthusiasm and hospitality.

“The Mazu procession fully demonstrates the Taiwanese people’s compassion, care for others, empathy, and willingness to offer a helping hand. We even saw happy families coming together. I hope that this folk tradition can continue into the future, and can enable the Taiwanese people to feel that Mazu is watching over them and can help improve our society,” said Lin.    [FULL  STORY]

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