Taiwan’s Missiles Should Make China Think Twice About Invading

Although Taiwan would be unlikely to win a major conflict with China, it plays a defensive game.

The National Interest
Date: July 18, 2020
By: Caleb Larson

Here's What You Need To Remember: Taiwan’s objective is not to ensure victory against China, but to ensure that the cost of winning will be so great that a conflict never takes place. Taiwan’s missile collection has, at least thus far, achieved just that.

The key to Taiwan’s deterrent strategy is it’s missile program, as Taiwan lives on China’s doorstep. China is Taiwan’s number one security concern. Taiwan walks a fine line between keeping tensions with China low, while ensuring security via a credible weapons capability.

Historically, this has meant Taiwan’s missiles tend to be more defensive in nature, though more recent missile innovations can strike deeper into mainland China with more precision than their predecessor missiles.    [FULL  STORY]

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