Taiwan’s Navy to upgrade S-70C anti-submarine helicopters

Want China Times
Date: 2015-08-02

Taiwan’s Navy is planning to upgrade its fleet of S-70C anti-submarine helicopters in an

An S-70C anti-submarine helicopter in January 2014. (Photo/Chen Chi-chuan)

An S-70C anti-submarine helicopter in January 2014. (Photo/Chen Chi-chuan)

effort to maintain the country’s self-defense capabilities, a military source confirmed Saturday.

“The Navy has a plan to upgrade its 18 S-70Cs, but is still working out the details of the program,” the military official told CNA.

The official’s remarks confirmed a report in Saturday’s edition of the Liberty Times, a local Chinese-language newspaper.

Citing an unnamed military official, the report said the military has decided to spend about NT$800 million (US$25.3 million) on upgrading the Navy’s S-70Cs.

In order to strengthen the Navy’s anti-submarine capabilities in the face of China’s military threat, the military has decided to commission Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation from the United States to carry out the program, which will upgrade the engines on some of the helicopters and add emergency lighting equipment to all S-70Cs, the report said.     [FULL  STORY]

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