Taiwan’s Ticking Time Bomb

The News Lens
Date: 2017/03/11
By: Tim Ferry

Taiwan is facing a social time bomb as its population ages. Critics question how the Tsai

Photo Credit: Corbis/達志影像

administration intends to pay for long-term care and ask what the implications are for the future.

Seventy-year-old retiree Mrs. Lin is part of the fastest growing demographic in Taiwan – the elderly, who now account for some 13 percent of the population but will likely reach 20 percent by 2025, bringing Taiwan into the ranks of the super-aged societies.

Yet the retired septuagenarian is healthy and active, keeping a schedule of activities ranging from dance classes to volunteering to care for grandchildren that would exhaust people one-third her age. With a wide network of friends and family and benefiting from many government-sponsored community programs aimed at keeping the elderly engaged and healthy, Lin represents the best side of growing older in Taiwan.

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