Taiwan’s wonder woman reveals what it takes to be a sniper

The China Post
Date: June 9, 2017
By: The China Post with CNA

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Meet the Taiwanese military’s wonder woman Chien Pei-hua (簡佩


華). Chien is a 27-year-old who belongs to the Amis indigenous tribe and who is a deadly sniper for the army.

A sergeant at the R.O.C. Army’s Taitung Area Command Center, she volunteered for training to become a sniper and graduated at the top of her advanced-level class earlier this year.

Pei said she was surprised at her marks in the training program, as her peers were excellent snipers who “were all number one as well.”

She told local media that her training included five days and four nights in the wilderness, learning camouflage, combat, and precision aiming.

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