Talent firm seems to cave in to ‘one China’ pressure

MCCARTHYISM:Singer Chou Tzu-yu’s management said it ‘deeply regretted’ false rumors she was pro-independence, and said that she adhered to the ‘one China’ principle

Taipei Times
Date: Jan 16, 2016
By: Staff Writer, with CNA

JYP Entertainment, the South Korean management company of Chou Tzu-downloadyu (周子瑜), also known as Tzuyu, the only Taiwanese member of South Korean girl group TWICE, has seemingly capitulated to Chinese pressure as it quietly on its Web site changed Chou’s birthplace from “Taiwan” to “Chinese Taipei.”

While the Web site continued to show all the original nationalities of other group members in English, such as “Korea” and “Japan,” only Chou’s was written in simplified Chinese characters, listing her birthplace as “Chinese Taipei.”
JYP Entertainment previously changed the slot “nationality” to “birthplace” in Chou’s profile.

The controversy arose after 16-year-old Chou appeared recently on the South Korean variety show My Little Television holding a Republic of China (ROC) flag.
Chou was criticized by Taiwanese singer Huang An (黃安), who is based in China and has gained an online following there partly because of his strong stance against Taiwanese independence.     [FULL  STORY]

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