The Crispy, Crunchy Taiwanese Fried Chicken Recipe DC Locals Adore

Maketto’s fried bird is coated in five-spice, honey, fish sauce, and chili oil

Date: Dec 8, 2020
By: Patty Diez

“Practically every culture that eats chicken has come up with a way to crisp birds in hot oil,” wrote Osayi Endolyn in her essay “Fried Chicken Is Common Ground,” from You and I Eat the Same. There’s the Southern American version created by African and African-American cooks and now ubiquitous all over the country, behind glass counters in gas stations and sold by the bucket in supermarket chains; there’s Japanese karaage, coated with soy, ginger, and garlic; Brazilian fried chicken or frango a passarinho; and Taiwanese fried chicken which, like Korea’s version, is fried twice.

Taiwanese fried chicken can be found across the country’s chains and night markets, and also at DC’s beloved Cambodian-Taiwanese restaurant, Maketto. Chef Erik Bruner-Yang keeps it traditional with his recipe, coating chicken tenders in sweet potato starch and calling on the five-spice powder that the fried bird can’t go on without. There’s also basil leaves to top the bits of chicken that are crunchy and almost popcorn-like.

The fried chicken easily one of Maketto’s most popular items — and you can make at home with the help of Bruner-Yang’s recipe below.    [FULL  STORY]

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