The Five Least Business-Friendly Practices in Taiwan

If Taiwanese businesses want consumers’ respect, they need to earn it. Playing it cheap and chanting ‘cha bu duo’ has never worked, and it never will.

The News Lens
Date: 2016/11/12
By: Kathy Cheng

Living in Taiwan means being a customer in Taiwan. We are all diners in restaurants and cafes,

Photo Credit: AP/達志影像

Photo Credit: AP/達志影像

shoppers in local markets and department stores, and riders in taxis and public transport.

But live here long enough and you will realize that spending money here is not always a positive experience. Unfortunately, businesses of all types consistently drop the ball when it comes to being original, creative and innovative.

Here are five ways Taiwan’s businesses disappoint:

1. Hey, it’s good enough!
Can you guess the three-word phrase that Taiwanese businesses love to say the most? No, it’s not “I love you,” you romantic fool. It’s cha bu duo (差不多), which means “almost” or “good enough.”

Take Kavalan whiskey, the award-winning homegrown whiskey brand owned by King Car, which also owns Mr. Brown Coffee.     [FULL  STORY]

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