The other side of Taiwan

The West Australian
Date: October 19, 2015
By: Ronan O’Connell

Ronan O’Connell is left entranced by Sun Moon Lake.

The tour boat scythes across the glassy water, sending gentle ripples

Lush lofty hills surround the lake. Picture: Ronan O'Connell

Lush lofty hills surround the lake. Picture: Ronan O’Connell

towards the lush, lofty hills which surround Sun Moon Lake.

Golden rays sneak through the clouds to bounce off the lake’s surface, which takes on a warm hue in the fading evening light. The wide wings of a snow-white egret flap gracefully as it swoops low over the shallows, scouting for its dinner.

The clicking of camera shutters is the only noise which penetrates the silence among the dozens of tourists aboard our vessel. Sun Moon Lake is said to have mystical properties and, in this moment, its power to captivate is undoubted.

Taiwan is synonymous with modernity — skyscraper-strewn cities, cutting-edge technology and giant electronics factories. It is, however, a country blessed by its environment, with the island cloaked in dense forest, crisscrossed by pristine rivers and oversupplied with soaring mountains.     [FULL  STORY]

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