These pretty popsicles are designed to make you think, not to eat

The China Post
Date: May 21, 2017
By: Stephanie Chao

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A trio of students from National Taiwan University of Arts have made popsicles with dirty water to draw public attention to problems with Taiwan’s water sources.

Their video, “Polluted Water Popsicles”(100%純污水製冰所), went viral on social media after it was posted Tuesday, with 1,559,100 views on its Facebook page as of Friday evening.

Over the course of a year, three students majoring in visual communications — Guo Yi-hui (郭怡慧), Hong Yi-chen (洪亦辰) and Cheng Yu-ti (鄭毓迪) — traveled to 100 spots in Taiwan to collect water for their graduation project.

In their project, the 100 popsicles made with the water are ranked in order from dirtiest to cleanest.

The worst-ranked popsicle is made with water from Keelung Harbor. Students said that water from the harbor had coated their water bottle with oil and grease.

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