TokenBacon revolutionizes Taiwan’s art market

Its novel cross-blockchain cloud platform and the benefits of a hybrid cloud system are reshaping the local art market and the overall tech environment

Taiwan News
Date: 2019/05/14
By: Sophia Yang, Taiwan News, Staff Reporter

Lai Chih-Hsing (來智行), founder and CEO of TokenBacon (Photo by Sophia Yang/ Taiwan News)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan tech startup TokenBacon has developed the world’s first-ever cross-blockchain cloud platform, allowing users to quickly build their own blockchain service.

In doing so the startup has created something novel in the cloud computing market, currently dominated by tech giants in the United States who offer private cloud services. TokenBacon offers a hybrid cloud system, which combines the merits of both the public and private cloud.

It is now revolutionizing the local art market.

The entrepreneurial Lai Chih-Hsing (來智行), founder and CEO of TokenBacon, has worked in both the U.S. and Luxembourg, and has typically founded companies aiming to solve market problems that serve the common good, and promote equality.    [FULL  STORY]

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