Top 10 taboos to avoid during Ghost Month in Taiwan

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2015/08/13
By: Keoni Everington

Taipei, Aug. 13 (CNA) The Chinese Ghost Month (鬼月), observed in the 7th month of the 201508130025t0001lunar calendar, is once again upon us, this year running from Aug. 14 to Sept. 12. During the festival the gates of hell are opened and all of the hungry ghosts are released to the world in search of food, money, entertainment, and what not.

A “hungry ghost” is a being that has been sent to the underworld to suffer an eternal state of hunger for their misdeeds or for not having a proper burial. Once a year, they are set free from hell and are given the opportunity to satiate some of their cravings and perhaps gain some good karma for a reincarnation into a better life with the help of their family members.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the following are some handy tips to avoid any phantom faux pas or ghoulish gaffes during Ghost Month:     [FULL  STORY]

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