Top 5 places to escape the Taipei heatwave

It’s hot in Taipei. Really hot! Most people are thinking about little else than how to keep cool. So, here are a few suggestions of places to head to stay cool this weekend.

Taiwan News
Date: 2018/05/31
By: David Spencer, Taiwan News, Contributing Writer


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The mercury has been hitting new heights in Taipei of late. It has been hot across Taiwan, but in the capital, it has been on a whole other level.

Earlier this week, temperatures in Taipei hit 38 degrees Celsius, contributing to what has been the hottest May on record. With no sign of an end to the heatwave in sight, Taipei’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has been issuing heat-wave warnings and announced various steps to try and ease its effects. They also advise people to moderate outdoor activity and avoid direct sunlight wherever possible.

But in this situation, what on earth are people in Taipei expected to do? Malls, shops, and all the usual places which offer free air-conditioning will be full to bursting point this weekend. So, if you do not want to stay at home, where can you go to escape the Taipei?

Here are five suggestions for the Top 5 places to escape the Taipei heatwave. If you have any other ideas, why not share them with our readers on our Facebook or Twitter pages?    [ARTICLE CONTINUES]

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