Torrential rain disaster alert downgraded

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2017-06-18

Premier Lin Chuan has announced that Taiwan’s central command center for disaster relief has

Economics Minister Lee Chih-kung (third from left) speaks at a press conference on Sunday about the latest situation with regards to the latest bout of torrential rains in Taiwan. (CNA photo)

downgraded its level of alert. The announcement at 11am on Sunday morning came as torrential rains throughout the island began to gradually ease.

Taiwan has been dealing with its second major stretch of heavy rain this month alone. The first run of rainy weather at the beginning of the month led to widespread damage to crops and rural communities.

Although the second stretch of heavy rain which began early last week is expected to last through next Tuesday before tapering off, the damage to crops has not been as serious. Nevertheless, Premier Lin called on authorities to remain vigilant, particularly in landslide-prone areas.

Lin said the government would work with local governments to deal with flooding and water damage. He called on the Council of Agriculture to assess relief efforts in farming communities and to keep tabs on stocks and price fluctuations for both produce and everyday goods.    [SOURCE]

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