Tragic Suicide Sparks Online Manhunt and Turn to Gutter Journalism in Taiwan

Taiwan has the freest press in Asia, but is this freedom put to good use?

The News Lens
Date: 2017/05/15
By: Keith Menconi

Taiwan’s press is riding high on a wave of international praise. International media

Lin Yi-han (林奕含). Undated photo via Facebook.

advocacy group Reporters Without Borders recently decided to locate its first Asian bureau in Taipei, citing Taiwan’s relatively strong media freedoms. Freedom House, the Washington-based group championing human rights around the world, improved its appraisal of Taiwan’s civil liberties based largely on what it considered strong demonstrations of media independence and academic freedom.

But one local media watchdog group says that a reporting frenzy in recent weeks that has developed around an incident of suicide has revealed some of the remaining weaknesses of Taiwan’s media system.    [FULLSTORY]

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