Transportation ministry to step up tour bus safety efforts

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2017-03-04

The transportation ministry says it will step up efforts to ensure the safety of tour buses.

Highway checkpoints set up over the long 228 weekend checked tour bus compliance with safety regulations. (Photo Courtesy Chiayi County Police Bureau, Jhongpu Precinct) (CNA)

The ministry says it has conducted a comprehensive review of tour bus safety and will work to weed out unsafe tours and tour operators. At the same time, the transport ministry says it will work with the labor ministry on measures to improve safety. The safety of Taiwan’s tour buses has become a matter of concern after an accident last month that killed 33.

Transportation Minister Ho Chen Tan is set to deliver a report to the Legislature on Monday. According to the report, the Directorate General of Highways will continue to subsidize traffic safety features that warn drivers when they drift from their lane and help with emergency stops.

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