Travel agents demand compensation for surprise flight cancellations

Formosa News
Date: 2019/05/23

Travel agencies are demanding that Far Eastern Air Transport airline pay compensation for abruptly canceling a string of Asia flights. Last week the carrier announced suspension of eight routes for the rest of May, saying that otherwise it would exceed its flight-hour limit set by the Civil Aeronautics Administration. According to travel agents, the carrier has asked travelers to go to the agents directly for fare refunds. Tour operators said today they were being forced to pay for the airline’s mistake. They also blasted the CAA for allowing the situation to unfold.

Members of the tourism industry decried this month’s last-minute flight cancellations by Far Eastern Air Transport. They say they’ve been burdened with the cost of refunds for travelers left out in the lurch.

Yao Ta-kuang
Tour sector representative
The relationship between airlines and the tourism industry is that of a partnership. They are as close as lips and teeth. The situation now is that you’ve cut your lip – and you’re about to bite off your tongue! Is the CAA supervising? Is it counting up the hours? The carrier told the CAA in advance that it was about to exceed its flight hour limit. If we had known, we wouldn’t have taken on more tourists, and there would be no damages.

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