Trump administration moves forward with Taiwan arms sales

The Hill
Date: 10/12/20
By: Rebecca Kheel

© Getty Images

The Trump administration has sent Congress several arms sales to Taiwan to review, a congressional aide confirmed to The Hill on Monday.

The aide did not confirm the specific sales, but Reuters, which first reported the informal notifications, said the three sales include a Lockheed Martin-made truck-mounted rocket launcher called a High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, Boeing-made air-to-ground cruise missiles called Standoff Land Attack Missile-Expanded Response and external sensor pods for F-16 fighter jets.

Informal notifications of arms sales approvals are sent to the House Foreign Affairs and Senate Foreign Relations committees ahead of a formal notification to the full Congress to give leaders of those committees time to provide input.

Typically, the formal notification happens 30 days after an informal notification is received, unless a lawmaker raises concerns. Conversely, if a sale is widely supported, the timeline can be accelerated.    [FULL  STORY]

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