Tsai inauguration dinner’s dessert menu revealed

Taiwan News
Date: 2016-05-14
By: Maggie Huang, Taiwan News, Staff Reporter

The dessert of the state dinner to be held on May 20 to mark Tsai Ing-wen’s presidential 6754630inauguration was finally revealed Saturday. Taipei Marriott Hotel, which is in charge of the state dinner, announced the dessert of inauguration dinner along with the wine they are serving on the very day.
Like the state dinner’s dishes, the desserts use local and in-season ingredients, featuring “spring garden” and titled as “Formosa garden set”, adopting in-season fruits along with snacks made from local ingredients, hoping to introduce the culinary delights of the island of Formosa to guests all over the world.

To create a garden-like look, the sweet desserts are put on a green matcha chocolate crunch base, and made into one-bite sizes so guests can enjoy the sweets more easily. The fresh local fruits including guava, watermelon and pineapple are also scooped into ball-shape and put into a glass goblet, making the whole dessert set visually colorful and exquisite.

After dinner, the guests will be served Oriental Beauty Tea from the Hakka village of Beipu in Hsinchu County and organic coffee from Gukeng in Yunlin, while an award winning local made wine from Taichung called Pou Tao Chiou will be served as dessert wine, hoping to invite the guests to enjoy the taste of Taiwan.     [FULL  STORY]

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