Tsai’s approval rate rises to 55%

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 24 June, 2019
By: Natalie Tso

President Tsai’s approval rating has risen to 55% in June. That’s the word from the Taiwan Public

President Tsai at a women’s conference on Sunday (CNA file)

Opinion Foundation in their latest poll. The poll also found that 48% of the people support the way Tsai has been leading the country. That’s 4.5% higher than last month.

The foundation chairman Yo Ying-lung said that the rise in support for Tsai has much to do with the protests in Hong Kong.

The survey also found that 44% approve of Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu, which is less than the 60% when he first came to office. Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je’s approval rate is 47%.

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