TWICE Tzuyu’s Mother Reveals The Singer Is Under Quarantine At Home In Taiwan

Tzuyu is at home observing the mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Date: March 10 2020
By: Bella Kay

TWICE Tzuyu‘s mother Huang Yenling recently confirmed to the press that her daughter was at home in Taiwan and is currently under the mandatory 14-day quarantine.

If Tzuyu doesn’t show any symptoms of having the coronavirus (COVID-19), she will be allowed to return to Korea once her quarantine has ended.

Although she may be able to return to Korea, TWICE has been canceling their schedules out of concern regarding the disease. The group also released an apology post and posed with a picture of Tzuyu who couldn’t be with them due to the quarantine.

Yenling shared that her daughter is doing well, despite being bored and has occupied her time with watching movies and exercise.    [FULL  STORY]

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