Two cold air masses forecast before Feb. 8

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2016/01/31
By: Wang Shu-fen and Evelyn Kao

Taipei, Jan. 31 (CNA) Two cold air masses are expected to approach

CNA file photo

CNA file photo

Taiwan before Chinese New Year’s Day on Feb. 8, with northern Taiwan expected to experience chilly, wet weather during both cold waves, the Central Weather Bureau forecast on Sunday.

The first cold front, a continental cold air mass from southern China that will affect Taiwan from Monday to Wednesday, will send temperatures to lows of 13 degrees Celsius in the north and northeast.

The mercury will fall to lows of 14 degrees in central and southern Taiwan and 16 to 17 degrees in Hualien and Taitung counties.

During the period, rain is expected for areas in the northern half of Taiwan, and parts of eastern and southern Taiwan, the bureau said.

That cold front will weaken on Thursday, and another cold air mass will approach Taiwan on Friday.

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