Two suspects held for allegedly selling fake pig vaccines

The China Post
Date: May 16, 2017

TAIPEI, Taiwan — In the investigation into the deaths of piglets in Yunlin and


Changhua counties, Yunlin prosecutors said, they found that the animals have been injected with a counterfeit product that was basically a diluted vaccine.

The counterfeit vaccines were supplied by a suspect surnamed Wang, who was selling them at NT$63 (US$2.09) per dose through a middleman surnamed Shen, according to a statement issued by the Yunlin District Prosecutors Office Monday.

In turn, Shen was selling the fake vaccines at NT$65-NT$74 per dose, undercutting the price of genuine vaccines, which is NT$75 per dose, the prosecutors said.

They said the two suspects made at least NT$25 million in the scam.  [FULL  STORY]

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