Typhoon washes plastic ashore in north Taiwan

PLASTIC WASTE:Typhoon Chan-Hom has deposited trash along beaches and environmentalists have urged the public to reconsider their plastic use

Taipei Times
Date:  Jul 14, 2015
By: Sean Lin  /  Staff reporter

Environmental group the Penghu Ocean Citizen Alliance yesterday raised awareness of large amounts of garbage washed ashore by Typhoon Chan-Hom and urged the public to avoid using plastic products and not disposing of trash on beaches.

Alliance director Weng Chen-sheng (翁珍聖) said that, after the typhoon, he found a variety of garbage along the shore of Siyu Island (西嶼) — the second-largest island of Penghu County — including fishing equipment, plastic utensils, bottles, diapers, cosmetics containers and toys.

“The majority of the garbage that washed ashore during the typhoon is plastic,” he said.      [FULL  STORY]

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