U.S.-Taiwan relations might regress under Biden: expert

Focus Taiwan
Date: 11/23/2020
By: Matt Yu and Emerson Lim

Taipei, Nov. 23 (CNA) Relations between Taiwan and the United States might regress in the short-to-medium term due to President- elect Joe Biden's support for multilateralism and the U.S.' need of Chinese support on many issues, an overseas expert said Monday.

Syaru Shirley Lin (林夏如), a visiting professor at the University of Virginia, made the prediction at a forum in Taipei on Monday that discussed the prospects for U.S.-Taiwan relations under a new U.S. administration.

Biden's support for multilateralism in international affairs could be worrisome for Taiwan because he would need China's cooperation on many issues, she said, citing climate change as one example.

Because of that, Taiwan might be overlooked by the Biden administration, in contrast to the spotlight put on it during President Donald Trump's administration, Lin suggested.    [FUILL  STORY]

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