U.S. urged to send cabinet officials to Taiwan as China poaches allies

Taiwan News
Date: 2019/11/24
By:  Central News Agency

(CNA photo)

A former senior advisor to the Trump administration on Friday urged the White House to send a cabinet official to Taiwan whenever Beijing succeeds in poaching a diplomatic ally from Taipei.

Christian Whiton, a senior advisor to former U.S.President Gorge W. Bush and President Donald Trump, said in a forum held by the Hudson Institute, a think tank based in Washington, that dispatching a cabinet official to Taiwan whenever China steals an ally from Taiwan is expected to send a signal of the consequences Beijing should face for continuing to undermine Taipei's ability to conduct diplomacy.

To counter Beijing's political warfare, he also suggested the White House allow Taiwan's president and foreign minister to visit Washington instead of just making transit stops in U.S. cities when they visit their allies.

"Every time that Beijing succeeds in flipping a country from Taiwan to China, we send a cabinet secretary to Taiwan," Whiton said.    [FULL  STORY]

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